Estimate Traffic By Keyword – The Deception

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The number one lie impossibility in the Internet Marketing (SEO) business is predicting traffic by keyword. This SEO service of predicting traffic volume by keyword is so prevalent that it has taken-hold as a given – that you can know in advance how many visitors your website will get if you rank X for keyword […]

Does Search Rank Affect Your Business?

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Does your website search rank matter to your bottom line? …to your sales? …to your websites visitors? Yes. Sorry. It’s a┬árhetorical question. You and I know the answer is “Absolutely”. If you don’t rank ahead of your competition, sales will suffer. Does Google provide most of your organic traffic? Probably. How does your website rank […]

Do You Know the Source of Your Search Rank Data?

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As you probably know, there are dozens of search rank checking and search rank tracking services. But did you know that many get their search rank data directly from Google (GSC). We have written our findings about the accuracy of GSC (Google Search Console) data here – Inaccurate Search Rank in Google Search Console […]

Why SEO Rank Checking Tools Are Useless

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(or why they want you to think so) I’ve been writing about this topic for years on my company blog HARTENSTINEand continue to challenge the reason for these posts. (the reasons are usually not obvious of course) Why SEO Rank Checking Tools Are Useless It does not seem to discourage the authors who write […]

Are You Wasting Advertising Dollars Based on Inaccurate Search Reporting?

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Could you be making poor Internet Marketing decisions based on assumptions that are based on inaccurate search reporting? Absolutely. You are also wasting advertising dollars. What things could lead to inaccurate data? For one, Personalization. Google’s search results are personalized. Google serves you results based on who you are, your location, previous searches you have […]

Not a Noob SEO?

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Are you a professional SEO? Here’s how we can tell. too many keywords Its a simple tell. Noobs track too many keywords. While its an entirely understandable impulse, its something experienced SEO’s learn not to do because it wastes time and disperses focus. Your search rank reports become unreadable. You cannot interpret any actionable items […]