How SearchStation Will Hold Your Vendors Accountable

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Auditing digital marketing vendor performance is almost impossible. How do you know you are getting what you pay for? What is your return on the “investment” (ROI) of these necessary services? You must have a website. You must have a website that performs well in search. You must have a paid search campaign (SEM) that […]

What makes SearchStation unique

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Differentiation | SearchStation uniquely reports who your real local online competition is. It does not just report organic rank. Organic rank alone does not represent who gets the most clicks in your PMA (primary market area)…these other metrics are more important: Who is buying ads? Who is displayed in Maps? Who gets the Knowledge Graph? […]

Are You Ahead of Your Competition in Local Search?

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We know that you don’t KNOW and we’ll make a wager on it. You may “believe” you are doing well in search, but we think that you are not willing to place a very large wager on that belief. Because when you stop and think about it, you really don’t KNOW how well your website […]

Does Search Rank Affect Your Business?

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Does your website search rank matter to your bottom line? …to your sales? …to your websites visitors? Yes. Sorry. It’s a┬árhetorical question. You and I know the answer is “Absolutely”. If you don’t rank ahead of your competition, sales will suffer. Does Google provide most of your organic traffic? Probably. How does your website rank […]