Does Search Rank Affect Your Business?

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Does your website search rank matter to your bottom line? …to your sales? …to your websites visitors? Yes. Sorry. It’s a┬árhetorical question. You and I know the answer is “Absolutely”. If you don’t rank ahead of your competition, sales will suffer. Does Google provide most of your organic traffic? Probably. How does your website rank […]

Places Pak Not About SEO

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We track Google Places rank, but analyzing your Places with regard to optimization may not be too productive – that’s what most people think. The Places Pack rank is about physical proximity – the distance between 2 locations that may be true and you can read about it here However what the above article […]

How Does SearchStation Handle Geofencing

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This question is coming up often enough to address ( because we don’t want to seem flippant about a legitimate concern ). There is a bit of confusion about Geofencing anyway, given that it is a new advertising methodology. Geofencing is the designation of an geographic area for marketing purposes, using beacons, that an app […]