Are You Wasting Advertising Dollars Based on Inaccurate Search Reporting?

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Could you be making poor Internet Marketing decisions based on assumptions that are based on inaccurate search reporting? Absolutely. You are also wasting advertising dollars. What things could lead to inaccurate data? For one, Personalization. Google’s search results are personalized. Google serves you results based on who you are, your location, previous searches you have […]

How To Identify Poorly Optimized PPC Campaigns And Improve Them

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How do you identify poorly optimized PPC campaigns or fine tune them to outperform your competition? Most businesses setup their Adwords so poorly that budgets are depleted early in the day. This greatly impacts what exposure you THINK you are getting when looking only at Google Analytics and Adwords data. Google does not tell you […]

Places Pak Not About SEO

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We track Google Places rank, but analyzing your Places with regard to optimization may not be too productive – that’s what most people think. The Places Pack rank is about physical proximity – the distance between 2 locations that may be true and you can read about it here However what the above article […]