Features of SearchStation

Hyperlocal Search Rank Reporting
Hyperlocal Search Rank Reporting exactly as if you were there – on the spot.
Truly Accurate Search Rank Results
Truly Accurate Search Rank Results can only be achieved without personalization of the results – more accurate than if you have been there and done it yourself.
Competitive Analysis

SearchStation helps you spot your competition, both existing and unknown competitors moving up in SERPs to challenge your dominance.

Keyword Generator
SearchStation creates the set of keywords you absolutely must rank for. You can also add and manage other keywords at your discretion.
Automated Analysis of your SERPs
Automated Analysis of your SERPs (search rank results) are analyzed using the keywords SearchStation creates for you and those you chose.
Recommended SEO
SearchStation expects to see certain patterns in your SERPs and recommends what to do (what to optimize) if there is something out of order.