The Card Report

The Business Card (formerly called The Knowledge Graph or sometimes called a Tile) in the top right of Google and Bing SERPs is the single most desirable placement you can get. It will likely get the majority of clicks. But these Cards are only displayed locally. (with the exception of global brands re. Sony, Wikipedia)

On your SearchStation dashboard, the Performance tab displays all the keywords in your list that generate a Business Card. And this also displays which website got The Card. Now you can see who your real local competition is. (its the only way to find who they are)

The presence of a Business Card tells us which websites have gained high-confidence with the search engines. Business Cards are only displayed when the search engine has confidence that your business and website are legitimate and appropriate to display for a particular keyword.

There are only so many keywords that will cause the search engine to display your business in the Business Card format. Those keywords should at minimum be your brand and business name. This makes sense. If someone searches your business name, and you have got everything setup correctly with the search engine, your Business Card will be displayed. If not, we know you have some SEO work to do.

SearchStation reports focus on the Business Card as it is a undeniable indicator of your websites local strength.