Benefits of SearchStation


Guard against surprises. Insure that you are immediately aware of new or rising competition or search engine algorithm changes negatively affecting your search rank - don't wait to discover you have a problem too late because sales have declined.


Understand your customer's experience. SearchStation provides search rank reporting exactly how your potential customers experience your online presence. Take confidence knowing how your business is seen by your target market.

Them vs You
Automatically Identify Competition. SearchStation automatically identifies your competition - especially those unknown competitors coming up in rank. How will you find them otherwise? When sales decline?
Forget about #1. There is more to it than that. SearchStation measures the total real estate your website gets in search engine results. Your market footprint determines whether you really dominate search results.
Get Real

Personalization and location are the two key components that bias the results you see in your browser. You just don't know what is real unless you use SearchStation to see the world how your prospective customer sees you.

Cut Costs

Accuracy in Search Rank Reporting is not commonplace. Cut marketing costs and increase customer acquisition knowing exactly how your business ranks online in search results.