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Are You Wasting Advertising Dollars Based on Inaccurate Search Reporting?

Could you be making poor Internet Marketing decisions based on assumptions that are based on inaccurate search reporting?

Absolutely. You are also wasting advertising dollars.

What things could lead to inaccurate data? For one, Personalization. Google’s search results are personalized. Google serves you results based on who you are, your location, previous searches you have performed (a.k.a. your browser history) and other mobile device telemetry.

Google also provides search rank reporting to everyone for free – and everyone repackages their reporting – and its not accurate for local marketing decisions.

First let’s justify why SearchStation is the best source of Accurate Search Reporting, and therefore how it will save money when making those critical Internet Marketing Decisions.

Second, we’ll look at all the data Google has collected about you.

We also explain what you can do to manage it to your best advantage.

You’ll likely be very surprised that Google has recorded things you don’t even remember. You probably forgot about that restaurant, or hotel, but Google didn’t. Almost everyone is surprised to see that Google knew (and still remembers) where you went on vacation 8 years ago. That may not always affect what Google provides in your next search results, but Google knows where you last filled-up your gas tank, and that will affect your local search results, and who knows what else…https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity?utm_source=my-account

Be sure you know what your potential buyer sees when they search for your product for the first time – get SearchStation.