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What is Happening on Your PMA Periphery

Troy Hartenstine creator of SearchStation

Its one thing to know how your website ranks in search results from the comfort of your office – the epicenter of your PMA, but do you know what is happening on the periphery of your PMA?

In the report shown below, we see a competitor is quietly surpassing us in search. How would you have discovered this from the comfort of your office?

Over a period of months, our website (orange) has been maintaining is search just fine. We feel fine. But we are complacent! With SearchStation reporting from the periphery of our PMA, we observe a competitor (blue) that has slowly come from way-behind, to now clearly moving way ahead. Any (orange) business owner would be very disturbed to see this report.

There is a reason why a general does not deploy a “spy” to sit in the home office. The spy is sent to the periphery or even into the opposition’s territory where problems can be spotted early, before they affect the home office. If you are a typical small business, your PMA Periphery may be 3 miles away. Do you know what a potential buyer sees on their mobile device when they type in “(your product) near me” while sitting on your PMA boundary?

We know you don’t. That’s why we developed SearchStation to act as your always-on sentinal, reporting back to you what is happening on your all-important PMA Peripheryget SearchStation.