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Are You Ahead of Your Competition in Local Search?

We know that you don’t KNOW and we’ll make a wager on it.

You may “believe” you are doing well in search, but we think that you are not willing to place a very large wager on that belief.

Because when you stop and think about it, you really don’t KNOW how well your website is doing in search.

The truth is, no one knows how well their website performs in local search unless they are using SearchStation.

If you really want to know, you should subscribe to SearchStation, or you could sit in your target market (some location at the edge of your PMA), and with your mobile device, perform searches for each keyword that is important to your business. And here’s what you need to do…

You have to record each listing on each search page. So if you keyword list is 100 keywords, that means 100 x 13 positions (roughly) per SERP page, totaling 1300 positions, and you have to categorize the results by Zero listings, Organic listing sometimes with Sitelinks, Paid listings sometimes with Sitelinks, Business Card, and Places Packs. (Because its not just about #1 in Organic anymore)

Now you will need to compile those results in order to determine who your real competition is in this location.

Alright! Now you KNOW who your real competition is…and its probably not who you thought is was. (We would win this bet right here, but there is much more…)

You’ll want to do this exercise every week or so in order to detect trends, especially any sudden change in your competition’s search rank.

Are you really going to do all this and remain effective at your job? We know you cannot. That is why we built SearchStation – for people just like you, who are successfully running a business in a highly competitive online environment.

But here is another thing you probably did not KNOW!

Even if your website is in tip-top shape and your SEO service is working overtime, your Internet performance problems are almost always due to something that your competition is doing to their website. Do you KNOW what THEY are up to right now?

Care to take our bet? Let’s talk about the #1 tool you need in your Internet Marketing toolbox. Get SearchStation.