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How SearchStation Will Hold Your Vendors Accountable

Auditing digital marketing vendor performance is almost impossible. How do you know you are getting what you pay for?

What is your return on the “investment” (ROI) of these necessary services? You must have a website. You must have a website that performs well in search. You must have a paid search campaign (SEM) that goes head-to-head with your competition. None of these are optional for the successful retail business. But you would like tangible proof that:

  1. The website is actually search engine optimized (SEO) – like they say it is
  2. Does that “SEO Package” you are paying for every month actually improve search performance?
  3. Is your SEO rep actually doing anything to improve your search rank – like they say they are?
  4. Is your SEM rep actually bidding competitively on important keywords? We know there can be huge waste in SEM strategies/execution.
  5. How will you know if the competition is doing something online that affects your sales?

With proper and regular use, SearchStation will answer these questions for you and much more.

Comparing your local search footprint against your competition will tell you if your website is search engine optimized. A SearchStation Competition Report will provide incontrovertible proof of your position in your market. You won’t be wondering whether your vendor’s reports accurately reflect reality. You will know.

If your SEO rep says they are optimizing your website for a set of keywords, a SearchStation Visibility Report provides exact changes in your website’s local search rank for those keywords. You will be able to monitor the progress without relying on their reporting, which oddly, always shows everything is in the green.

A SearchStation Organic vs Paid Report will list all the keywords your website ranks for, along side the list of keywords your SEM rep is buying. You will know which keywords you may be overpaying for. You can then use this report in many ways, but ultimately it will increase the leads you get by making the budget go farther.

A SearchStation No Rank Report is the list of keywords that your website does not rank for. These are the keywords your SEM should be buying and these are the keywords your SEO should be optimizing the website for.

A trip-wire: If your website is suddenly no longer in the top of search results, how will you know until its visible on the bottom line? Do you have any way to be alerted to sudden changes in your search rank that would negatively affect sales? SearchStation will alert you to detrimental changes to your search rank long before it (mysteriously) result in lower sales.

With SearchStation reporting you will now be in the drivers seat of your digital marketing activities.  These pretty reports your vendor provides always seem to indicate everything is rainbows and unicorns, but leaves you unsure whether you are spending your digital advertising dollars wisely. Gain control of your digital marketing with SearchStation.