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How can I see my Google Adwords Ad?

Search Station is the only independent search rank checker for local paid ads. See for yourself. Search for the title of this article (because that is what you were searching for when you found this website, right?)

You will see a lot of ads of Agencies that specialize in (Adwords) PPC (or Pay-Per-Click or Paid Search) then the organic results are Google support pages that will direct you to:

Use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool to see exactly what your text ads look like in Google search results.

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Visit www.google.com/AdPreview and choose the appropriate options at the top to see exactly which ads are being triggered by the search term you enter in any given location.

Now that’s fine, for entertainment purposes, but there are three problems here. First, you have to trust Google to tell you – what you want to hear. Isn’t that a bit of a conflict of interest?

Second: Ads are displayed according to time. You may not have given it much thought, but what happens when your budget runs out? Right! Your ads are not shown to anyone. The same thing applies to your competition. They have a budget too (we certainly hope so).

So much for the Google Ad Preview Tool. (oh! and you can only check one ad/keyword at a time)

Third and finally, location is often (not always) a consideration. This depends on you business. Is it localized or global. Its rare that your business sells its product/service in every country. But lets say you do. You may have different competition in every country. Some of that competition might be very local. Maybe they don’t advertise far from their base. Therefore, in any scenario, you have to measure results in every location you care about.

I know I said there were only 3 variables to reporting accurate Ad Rank, but there are a host of other ways you and your competition can adjust how ads are displayed. Right? (device type, audience,etc.)

So now you can see the reason you don’t find any other 3rd parties offering this service. Its a difficult service to deliver. Search Station is the only independent search rank checker for paid ads.