Local SEOSearch Reporting Services

What makes SearchStation unique

Local Search Rank Performance
Local Search Rank Performance

Differentiation | SearchStation uniquely reports who your real local online competition is. It does not just report organic rank. Organic rank alone does not represent who gets the most clicks in your PMA (primary market area)…these other metrics are more important:

  • Who is buying ads?
  • Who is displayed in Maps?
  • Who gets the Knowledge Graph?

These are far more important, and these are required knowledge if you want to effectively dominate your local market. If you don’t have this “big picture” you cannot wage an effective marketing campaign. It’s as simple as that. SearchStation makes it simple for you to do.

Pay-Per-Click Who's Buying Ads
Pay-Per-Click Who’s Buying Local Ads

#1 – Who is buying ads in your area? You can’t do this on your own for more than a few keywords at a time*. And you cannot keep track of changes in your competitions spending patterns in your memory – no matter how smart you are. If you want to effortlessly monitor your competition, get SearchStation.

#2 – The Local Pak and Maps are a compilation of Relevance (re. Organic Rank) AND Proximity. These competitors get more clicks than the Organic #1 spot. Again, you cannot do this on your own for more than a few keywords at a time*. And you cannot keep track of who’s winning in your head. If you want comprehensive reporting with regular updates, get SearchStation.

Places Pak Dominance
Places Pak Dominance

#3 – The Big One! The Knowledge Graph gets 60% of the clicks! It is also called the Business Card and is displayed on the top-right of search results pages. Your Business Card can ONLY be seen in local results**. If you don’t know who is getting the most Business Cards in your PMA, you simply don’t know what is happening in your online market. Period! If you are not getting the most Business Cards in your PMA, you are not marketing effectively online.

Who Got The Knowledge Graph
True Competition

*Don’t forget Personalization. When you search from your computer or mobile phone, you see different results than your perspective customers see. SearchStation filters-out biases so your reporting reflects exactly what your prospective buyer would see when they search for your product.

**Local results can only be seen locally. Try searching in a city far away – you will not see Business Cards for local businesses located in that city in your results.

SearchStation effortlessly monitors Who’s Who in your local market. If you want to wage a seriously effective online marketing campaign, you need SearchStation.