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Competitive Analysis

We created SearchStation to handle certain SEO tasks easily and seamlessly. One such task is identifying competition. It should be obvious who your competition is, right? They would be the websites that rank well for your keywords. ( Assuming you have a relevant list of keywords* ) But how do you analyze the search results page containing 18 possible positions for 500 keywords? ( that’s 9000 individual listings )

Got Time?

SearchStation automatically analyzes the aggregate results of your keywords and assigns a score to each listing. The competitors who get the most real-estate in aggregate are assigned the higher scores, and those ARE YOUR COMPETITORS whether you know about them already or not. This image in the lower left corner is an excerpt from one such SEO service provider. They are saying “it is not so easy to identify your competition”. Why is it difficult to identify your competition?

How is that making my job easier?

Well some SEO products don’t do that automatically. They expect you to already know or expect you to tell them who you THINK your competition is. Hmm!

Isn’t that what you want an SEO tool to do? To make your job easier by doing things automatically that are difficult or impossible for humans to do manually?

SearchStation is a professional grade SEO Tool designed to save you time and keep you focused on what is important – beating your competitionget SearchStation.

*Assuming you have a relevant list of keywords. SearchStation automatically creates a list of keywords for you when you setup your account. These are keywords you must rank for – not your wishlist of keywords you would like to rank for. Of course you can also add keywords at your discretion, but adding keywords that you cannot rank for obscures good SEO analysis and distracts from the real underlying task at hand – to get more exposure in search results, to real customers.