PPC Campaigns

How To Identify Poorly Optimized PPC Campaigns And Improve Them

How do you identify poorly optimized PPC campaigns or fine tune them to outperform your competition?

Most businesses setup their Adwords so poorly that budgets are depleted early in the day. This greatly impacts what exposure you THINK you are getting when looking only at Google Analytics and Adwords data. Google does not tell you what the competition is doing during the day. Google reports only your own campaigns; and then only during the entire 24 hour day. This is not so useful when trying to fine tune your spending/exposure because you need to more specifically focus on business hours.

SearchStation collects PPC data only during business hours, 8 to 5 local time.  It does not matter how your ads are displayed at 4am if your budget is depleted by 8am.

What About Them?

The same goes for the competition. SearchStation reports apples to apples – your apples and thier apples during the critical business hours of the day. You can now see exactly what the other guys is doing too. If you cannot see what the competition is doing during the most important business hours of the day, how can you adjust your campaigns? You can only throw more money at the problem – and that is neither professional, nor is it called “fine tuning” or “optimization“.

Got Time?

The only other way you can get some similar reporting is in Adwords > Dimensions > Clicks by Hours of Day or in the Ad Preview Tool. So if you know how to setup PPC campaigns, yet you don’t have unlimited hours in a day, SearchStation will leverage your time and ability so you can optimize like no one else can – get SearchStation.