Local SEO

Critical Local SEO Alerts

…and how they will save you from disaster.

All local SEOs know they must verify a website with Google/Bing in order to attain top rank in local search results. Search engines provide codes to place on the website so they can verify the ownership of the website. It verifies that the website is actively maintained; meaning the content on the website is likely more current than unverified websites. Therefore the search engines will serve verified websites before unverified websites.

Lesser known is that these codes are often removed when websites are updated or when hiring a 3rd party to help with your web design, SEO or PPC. When 3rd parties get involved, some have a tendency to be reckless with these codes. Changing or removing these codes will greatly affect your search rank. How will you notice when something changes? Who can really check on these things on a regular basis?

SearchStation checks every day for changes to these critical elements of your SEO health. SearchStation sends an email alert when any of these codes change or new codes are added by vendors. It may sound simple, but this is the best insurance policy you can have in your SEO arsenal. Otherwise you might find, months later, that your search rank has crashed, and you have no idea why.

You may not think this kind of thing will happen to your website. However, we see this happening daily. If you employ any 3rd parties to do any digital marketing for you, over the lifetime of your website you have a 99.9% chance of this happening to you one day – get SearchStation.