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(You are Orange) Don’t let this happen to you!

Competitor Alerts

How do you stay alert to rising competition? (They are the Blue) The answer is usually “I don’t”. That is because there are so few products that can alert you to raising competition – and fewer still that can spot the as-yet-unknown competitor. In most products you must identify your competitor before the service can track them. But the most dangerous scenario your online business faces is

  • The new competitor that you don’t know about.
  • You discover only through weak sales that something is wrong. 

When sales decline, how to you go about identifying the source of the problem? It could be anything. The last place you might look is in search rank – for that new competitor. Only after weeks of weak sales you finally get around to looking at your online footprint. Then you have potentially weeks of lag-time until your search engine counter-strategy kicks in. Therefore you need to be alert to this competitor’s progress in real-time.

  • How much is it worth to you, to be aware of that competitor long before they impact your bottom line? 

We challenge you to find a better way to monitor your websites performance in ways that really matter to your bottom line – get SearchStation.