Paid Keywords Strategy Research Report

Our Paid Keyword Research Report and How To Use It

This paid keyword strategy will save thousands (of dollars) and maximize your marketing exposure. It will provide you with the knowledge that you are not guessing whether your online marketing spend is strategically sound and well executed.

In the Natural Rank tab we find those keywords for which we already rank naturally. Then we look at all the competing websites we find in those SERPs. These are our competition, whether they are benign, or your real business competitor in your area. Both are noteworthy if they increase the difficulty for your business to appear in the limited real estate of the SERPs. However, there are somethings you should not throw money at because there is no remedy, while others can be addressed.

We rate our competition as important (1) to benign (9); rating¬†our competitors not only in terms of REAL COMPETITION, but also in terms of our ability to beat them with natural SEO. For example we won’t be beating, so we would rate them a 9. A competing Twitter that is not by a direct competitor is no threat and may be easier to push off our SERPs, so lets say they are 5.

Now we will see only our real Competition (tab)

The result of grading our competition means now our reporting can tell us a) which keywords none of us (the competition and your website) rank for in natural and paid search, and b) which keywords our real competition is bidding on (PPC Ad Count tab).

We can now split our keywords into three groups, 1) those that we can remove from our active concern (no one cares, do you?), 2) those keywords that we put into our SEO initiatives (some we can rank better for in natural results) and, 3) those that go into our paid (PPC) campaigns.

Completely awareness of the exposure of our Competition (tab) and our own Natural (tab) rank, and paid exposure (PPC Ad Count tab) means we are not wasting money. Your marketing resources are maximized.

Following this logic will save thousands (of dollars), maximize your marketing reach and allow you to take confidence in your online marketing efforts.