SEO Tools

Features and Benefits of SearchStation

Hyperlocal Search Rank Reporting – you get search rank reported exactly as if you were there – on the spot.

Truly Accurate Search Rank Results – can only be achieved without personalization of the results – more accurate than if you have been there and done it yourself.

Keyword Generator – SearchStation creates the set of keywords you absolutely must rank for. You can also add and manage other keywords at your discretion.

Automated Analysis – your SERPs (search rank results) are analyzed using the keywords SearchStation creates for you and those you chose.

Recommended SEO – SearchStation expects to see certain patterns in your SERPs and recommends what to do (what to optimize) if there is something out of order.

Competitive Analysis – SearchStation helps you spot your competition, both existing and those moving up in SERPs.

Hyperlocal SERPs – SearchStation provides search rank reporting exactly how your potential customers experience your online presence. Take confidence knowing how your business is seen by your target market.

Accurate Search Rank Reporting – gives you the confidence that you know exactly how your business ranks to the first-time online shopper.

Un-Personalized Results – because personalization and location are the two key components in the results you see, SearchStation gives you a virgin view of your SERPs – as if it were the first time a local shopper searched for your product or service.

Marketing Footprint – we measure the total real estate you are getting in SERPS, not just the natural results. Your Total Footprint determines whether you are really winning the online exposure game.

Identify Competition – SearchStation automatically identifies your competition so you can adapt and advance to the top of the search results.

Recommended Optimization – whether you know SEO or not, SearchStation identifies what is wrong with your search results and recommends what to fix or optimize.

Be sure you know what your potential buyer sees when they search for your product for the first time – get SearchStation.