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Not a Noob SEO?

Are you a professional SEO? Here’s how we can tell.

too many keywords

Its a simple tell. Noobs track too many keywords. While its an entirely understandable impulse, its something experienced SEO’s learn not to do because it wastes time and disperses focus. Your search rank reports become unreadable. You cannot interpret any actionable items from your search rank reports because you cant find the needle in the hay stack.

Take this newsletter about a feature update

This feature is something you want only if you are,

  • a) tracking too many keywords
  • b) focused too much on the wrong keywords
  • c) just plain over-optimizing your website

– all bad habits. While this feature is really not something a professional needs. Pros focus and learn to be efficient. Pros stick to the Pareto Principal. 20% of your keywords are productive, 80% are not. That 80% should not be in your reporting!

For an average client, 30 keywords are more than a pro needs to do their job. If you have the need to re-check rankings for so many keywords that the task needs to run in the background while doing “other stuff” – that’s the tell. You are a Noob.

Ask yourself; How many different ways can I,

  1. Describe the business in a way shoppers find the business in search?
  2. How many keywords can I actually optimize the website for?

(Oh really? Do you really think you will individually optimize ALL of Amazon’s product pages? I’m sure Amazon has an SEO team working their asses off doing just that!)

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